Our innovative security solutions cover a large range of industries.


At BJ Systems we have been providing complete security solutions including installations, 24-hour service and repairs to some of WA’s leading educational institutions for more than 15 years.


Our security solutions help healthcare providers obtain the best security systems for their patients and staff. We invest in the latest technologies to meet the safety demands of medical institutions.


BJ Systems provides installations, service and ongoing support to some of WA’s largest mining companies. Our ability to work anywhere in the state, has made us the provider of choice for many organisations.


Threats and risks to organisations are increasing and changing by the day. As these threats become more sophisticated, businesses are looking for smarter security solutions that provide a heightened level of protection.


BJ Systems has years of industry experience in handling highly sensitive security operations. Whether it’s on the ground, in the air or at sea, we are a trusted partner for defence departments in WA.

Security Specialists. We’re a company up to the challenge!

Our technical capabilities and quality assurance enables us to deliver innovative security solutions to commercial and government sectors including mining, defence, health and educational facilities.

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